Sunday, June 13, 2010

BFC Cookout in Lenoir, NC

Last week Budd Mack invited the High Country Bikers For Christ Chapter to his home for a cookout.  I had not worn my colors for the last couple of months and debated on even attending the event.  It was Thunder Sunday at Mountain Grove Baptist Church.

The morning worship service was more than I expected.  That church welcomed bikers from all walks of life.  The pastor gave a testimony for his sermon that told of his younger days living for a 1% group in Southern California.  It made me see that maybe biker ministry does make a difference; it sure did in his life.  And he now reaches multitudes of people. 

After the sermon, I went outside to get a dip of snuff.  While sitting in the shade, a BFC brother came to me and shared some of his current hardships.  I had the opportunity to get closer to him and learn what a really great guy he is.  We sat there on the curb and poured out our hearts to each other.  Once more, I realized that my BFC colors really do make a difference.

Around an hour later, we landed at Budd's house.  There were brothers from several different chapters standing around and fellowshipping.  It was so easy to get into a conversation.  We really are like a family.  But it took that cookout to remind me why I have a passion for riding today.  I met new friends.  We laughed and for a little while I forgot that I was struggling to fit in with the group.

When I got home I prayed.  My wife and I had a talk.  And I put on my colors.  It felt good.  That night, I got on the BFC International website and joined the forum.  I posted an entry, and it didn't take more than a few hours to get a reply.  Finally, I was back at home.  My brothers are still my brothers, and my life is back to normal.  Now, in the next few months, I plan to ride and visit a few chapters myself.  Hopefully, I will regain strength in my spirit that says Motorcycle Ministry is worth the effort.  Regardless, I know God has given me a great national group to ride with.  We are family in any state we travel.

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