Monday, July 12, 2010

Sound Of Faith Concert

This past weekend I traveled to House Of Worshp in North Wilkesboro, NC for a concert.  A group I had never heard of was playing:  Sound Of Faith.  The church is similar to a "purpose driven church", and is pastored by Rev. Warren Supulski.  Prior to the event I had the opportunity to get to know this pastor and he is for real.  The guy does not come across as a minister when you first meet him.  Actually, my first impression of him was as a man that had inner strength, direction, and confidence, while knowing that life is sometimes hard on people.  As we talked I quickly learned that this man is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and work for his faith.  Needless to say, he quickly became a person I called friend.

The church has the appearance of a restaurant style, equipped with a coffee bar, stage, and lights with special effects.  There were tables where one would expect church pews.  And, there was even a couch and living room furniture.  It wasn't what I expected, but it was definitely new! 

I sat in the back of the church with a large Americana coffee.  I had my usual snuff nearby, and sat there thinking deeply about the stage.  It was smoky, due to the fog machine.  People were chatting and laughing in a low tone.  Just as I got comfortable, the lights dimmed and Sound Of Faith took the stage. 

The band took me into a spiritual zone of bliss.  Lots of their songs were those they wrote and composed.  The musicians could really rock.  And the singer had a voice that could captivate the most distant soul.  I caught myself daydreaming through their songs, walking in their lyrics in my own little world of joy and peace.  I felt like the band "knew" something more than typical Christians and it was captivating. 

They did not suffer through lyrics.  I could see that the band was set free.  I KNEW the blood of Jesus had been applied somewhere.  Most Christians always want more.  But these individuals were content as if they had reached the pinnacle and was now ready to minister and help others find the Father's path for themselves.  I was at peace.  I knew they were kindred spirits.

The concert lasted for hours with only a quick break.  Warren and I talked as the lights turned on, and he said, "I can feel it!"  I knew what he was saying.  Thanks Sound Of Faith for accepting the Father's path for your life!  In the deepest and most sincere welcome, I say "Peace Be With You!"  I know you have had a taste of Jesus and you guys will never be the same!  So, may your eternity with The Father be full of joy and peace.  I loved your concert!

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