Sunday, August 8, 2010

Can God Create Something He Cannot Destroy?

When I was seven years old, my brother, Jimmy, would always taunt me with speculative questions that made life confusing.  Once he asked me, "Can God create something He cannot destroy?"  I quickly answered yes.  And he asked what if God changed His mind, isn't he able to do all things?  I was confused and beaten.  I lived that way my whole life, pondering the answer to that question.  If God could create something He cannot destroy, we could be in trouble.  And if He cannot create something He can destroy, He would cease to be God.  I lived my life so afraid of God.  I lived my life thinking God was this mean and scary figure, undeserving of my full trust.  I lived my life thinking what was the use in living. 

My brother and I rarely see eye to eye.  He is highly intelligent.  He is a Christian.  And He has been very blessed by God.  All the while, I lived a life of an underachiever.  I did not appear as a Christian for many years of my life.  And I was never blessed by God.  I always tried to fit in with the view of my siblings, and it never worked.  Mostly because my blessings were postponed by God for much of my life.  And, my blessings were different.  There were no financial blessings, no social blessings, and no genuine peace.  It took me until I truly committed myself to God and His church, through Catholicism to finally find myself and where I belonged.  That is when I finally started receiving some blessings. 

The rest of my family is protestant.  I am the only Catholic in the bunch.  And today I realized why.  It answered the question I had been asked and pondered over my whole life.  Simply said, YES!  God can create something He cannot destroy; it is LOVE!  God can take His love away, but He cannot destroy it! 

I found that love in His forgiveness when my conversion was complete.  And it took a biker chic with a big bunch of incredible friendship to give me the answer.  I almost told her that IQ tests don't mean a thing, because I have been an idiot my whole life.  God has given me a gift that few people get called to.  And, the greatest thing He has created for me is LOVE.  He cannot destroy love.  He can take it away, but He cannot destroy it!  He did create something He cannot destroy in my life!

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